JUNG HOME датчик движения 1,1 м, артикул BTCD17181WUWW

Изображение BTCD17181WUWW  JUNG HOME датчик движения 1,1 м - завод JUNG
Артикул: BTCD17181WUWW
Материал лицевой части
Thermoplastic (breakproof) high-gloss
Произведено в Германии
Срок поставки 2-6 недель

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BTCD17181WUWW JUNG HOME датчик движения 1,1 м

для вставки «освещение» арт.: 1701 SE, 1701 PSE, 1704 ESE, 1702 SE, 1710 DE, 1711 DE, 1712 DE, 1713 DSTE, 1723 NE
IP 44 suitable only for interiors
available April 2023

Использование по назначению
  • Automatic switching of lighting depending on the thermal movement and ambient brightness
  • Wireless linking with JUNG HOME system devices
  • Operation with system insert for switching or dimming or satellite insert 3-wire
  • Wall installation on system insert
  • Commissioning and operation using JUNG HOME app with mobile device (smartphone or tablet) via Bluetooth®
  • Switch for continuous ON/OFF or automatic operation
  • Detection range extended by combining several JUNG HOME motion detectors or via satellite input
  • Заслонка для ограничения зоны обнаружения
  • Multi-coloured status indicator with optional night mode
  • Disabling of local operation
  • Free linking of the motion sensor with actuator in the insert or wirelessly with other JUNG HOME devices or for calling up a light scene
  • Up to 16 time programs control the functions of the respective insert (ON/OFF switching or dimming)
  • Staircase lighting function (lighting cannot be switched off manually) with switch-off warning
  • Run-on time
  • Activate/deactivate automatic operation using JUNG HOME app
  • Автоматический переход на летнее/зимнее время
  • Автоматическое обновление даты и времени при соединении со смартфоном
  • Maximum and minimum brightness adjustable, with dimming insert
  • Switch-on with last brightness or fixed switch-on brightness, with dimming insert
  • Local actuator integrated into groups, central functions and light scenes
  • Evaluation of the satellite inputs (if present) for controlling the insert
  • Bluetooth® SIG Mesh for fully encrypted wireless communication and repeater function
  • Can be updated using JUNG HOME app
Available in future via update:
(Notes on updates and schedules can be found at www.jung.de/JUNGHOME)
  • Time programs with sunrise or sunset (astro function)
  • Time programs with random timing
  • Dynamic run-on time
  • Disable and override functions: Continuous ON/OFF or ON/OFF for fixed time
  • Night light function with period for brightness reduction, with dimming insert
  • Hotel function (orientation light instead of OFF), with dimming insert
  • Warm dimming (changing of the colour temperature with simultaneous brightness increase), with DALI insert
  • Задержка включения/выключения


Материал лицевой части
Thermoplastic (breakproof) high-gloss
Произведено в Германии